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Langasite Wafers

Product Description: 

Langasite crystal (La3Ga5SiO14), space group P321 and point group 32, is a promising new piezoelectric material for fabrication of surface acoustic wave (SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) devices. It processes some great properties such as high electromechanical coupling factor, no phase transition from room temperature to melting point and exceptional frequency-temperature characteristics. It has been reported that devices made of Langasite crystal could be used at a high temperature up to 900°C due to its excellent thermal stability.

  Crystal Structure Trigonal
  lattice constant (Å) a = 8.1674, c = 5.0964
  Density (g/cm^3) 5.746
  Electromechanical Coupling Factor (Kemc, % BAW) 15.8
  Frequency Spacing (Δf, %) 0.9
  Relative Dielectric Constant εT11 /εo= 18.96, εT33 /εo= 50.19
  Piezoelectric charge coefficients(pC/N) d11 = 5.66, d44 = -5.48
  Q-Factor (X103) 50
  Temperature Frequency Coefficient (TFC, X106/°C) 420 ~ 5200
  Electromechanical Coupling Cofficient (K2, % SAW)
  Elastic Stiffness (1011 Pa)
c11 = 1.898, c12 = 1.058, c13 = 1.022
c14 = 0.144, c33 = 2.626, c44 = 0.535
  Table 1: Langasite crystal Properties







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