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Gallium Nitride (GaN) Wafers

Product Description: 

Gallium nitride is a binary III/V direct bandgap semiconductor material widely used in bright LED and LD applications, and other electronic devices. Precision Micro-optics can offer GaN substrate with a high crystalline quality and different orientations, Ga and N polar plane, non-polar plane or semi-polar plane. The specification below is one example.

GaN Wafer: 

Material High Purity(>99.996%)and Monocrystaline Bulk GaN
Orientation On-axis (0001) ± 0.5°
Thickness 300 / 350 ± 25µm
Conduction Type N-Type
Resistivity   < 0.5 Ohm-cm
Dislocation Density < 5 × 106 / cm2
TTV < 15 μm
BOW < 20μm
Usable Surface Area > 90%
Front Surface
 EPI - Polished, Ga Face
Front Surface Roughness Ra < 0.3nm
Back Surface Fine Ground
Back Surface Roughness
~1.0 μm
Package Class 100 Clean Room


5X5mm GaN Substrate in stock, single side polished, PWBG-1A13111($225.0): 


contact us for quantity pricing.


10.5X10mm GaN Substrate in stock, single side polished, PWBG-1A23111($730.0): 


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