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Infrared Thermopile Sensor (TS45H)

Infrared Thermopile Sensor is a non-contact infrared temperature measurement detector. The higher the temperature, the more infrared energy is emitted. Thermopile sensing elements consist of small thermocouples on silicon chips that absorb energy and produce output signals.

SITS-TS45H Infrared Thermopile Sensor is widely used in non-contact temperature measurement.The sensor is packaged by the TO-46 metal socket, and the electronic components such as infrared filter and thermistor are integrated inside, which has high reliability and high sensitivity.



Product Features:

  • TO-46 Package
  • High sensitivity
  • NTC Thermistor Compensation
  • Fast response
  • 5μm Long-wavelength pass filter


  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Ear thermometer, forehead thermometer
  • Industrial continuous temperature control

Specifications :  

   Parameters Unit Min Typical Max
   Chip size mm^2 1.1×1.1
   Sensitive area mm^2 0.35×0.35
   Detection angle ° 90
   Thermopile resistance (Temp=25°C) 80 98 115
   NEP (Blackbody=500K,1Hz@25°C) nW/Hz^1/2   0.23
   Voltage Response
Vmm^2/w   20.11
V/w 134 164 194
   Temp. coefficient of resistance
%/°C 0.06  
   Time constant ms   13
   Specific detectivity
cmHz^1/2/w   1.51×10^8
   NTC Resistance (25°C) 100±3%  
   NTC β (25/50°C) K 3950±1%
   Working temperature °C -30   85
   Storage Temperature °C -30   100

Responsivity :



Spectral curve: :






Infrared Thermopile Sensor TS45H, SITS-TS45H ($6.6): 


Lead time is around 3 weeks, Contact us for quantity pricing.

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