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We provide a variety of cutting-edge optical thin film filters and absorptive filters.

Lyot filters and Solc filters made form Birefringent Filter Plates offer an extremely narrow bandwidth with wide angular fields or tuning capability.

Telcom filters include gain flattening filters, DWDM filters, long and short pass filters for telecommunication applications.

Laser line interference filters center on the resonance of the laser and attenuate the background optical radiation.

Single cavity (SC) filters are a special type of solid etalon in which the cavity is formed by a deposited layer of coating material on a glass substrate. It has up to 100nm tuning range and great thermal stability.

Neutral density filters uniformly attenuates optical radiation in specific spectral regions. In contrast with neutral density filters, color glass filters selectively transmit a desired wavelength range.

The infrared filters are widely used in gas monitoring, temperature sensing and thermal imaging.  The infrared cut-off filters are used for CCD or CMOS imagers to produce vivid images.

Filters Materials
Applications and Features
 Birefringent Filter Plates Crystal Quartz
  • Lyot Filters 
  • Solc Filters
Telecom Filters Substrate BK7
  • Low insertion loss and ripples
  • high isolation
  • Excellent thermal stability
 Laser Line Filters Substrate BK7
  • Biotech and biomedical applications
  • Spectral separation of different elements.
  • Instrumentation for environmental testing, clinical chemistry
 Single Cavity Filters Substrate BK7
  • Up to 100nm tuning range
  • High thermal  stability 
 Neutral Density Filters

Optical Neutral Density Glass

BK7 with Metallic coating

  • Imaging application
  • Exhibit nearly constant transmission
 Color Glass Filter Color Glass
  • selectively transmit a desired wavelength range
 Infrared Filters Substrate BK7, Silicon or Germanium
  • Gas Monitoring
  • Temperature Sensing 
  • Thermal Imaging
 Infrared Cut-off Filters Substrate D263T
  • CCD or CMOS imagers

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