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   Precision Micro-Optics highly experienced teams are able to provide you excellent modeling and automatic measurement services, dicing, polishing and coating services.  The modeling will be able to optimize your designs, analyze your problems, explore your design limits, and in particular, speed up your process. Dielectric coating features high power handling, while dicing and polishing are able to be manufactured on miniature optical parts.

Numerical Simulation

  Optical Field Propagation
Polarization Evolution

  Like all electromagnetic phenomena, the propagation of optical fields in a media in a guided or unguided structure is governed by Maxwell’s equations.

   When an optical system has several optical elements oriented at different azimuth angles, the calculation of the overall transmission becomes complicated.

  Gaussian Beam Coupling

  The general formula provides us the tools to numerically compute the coupling efficiency and its sensitivity due to different misalignments, phase distortion to spot mismatching

Automatic Measurement

   Precision Micro-Optics provides solutions for your automatic measurement needs. The service would lower your cost and increase your products’ quality by increasing the reliability, repeatability and productivity. We provide the service in a cost-effective way to fit your budget.

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