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      Precision Micro-Optics, led by world-class entrepreneurs backed by experienced engineers, provides our customers a complete solution with superior products and excellent customized simulation and consulting services. We facilitate your technological innovations by quality products, exceptional service, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. The products feature miniature dimensions, wide wavelength coverage from UV to mid-infrared and high power handling. Our modeling and automatic measurement services enable you to optimize your designs, analyze your problems, explore your design limits, and in particular, speed up your process. We provide these services in a cost-effective way to fit your budget and facilitate your innovations. Leveraging our insights over the last decades, we are able to bring to market the products and services that deliver on the promise of superior performance. Precision Micro-Optics stands out because of our passion from the work each and every day, and especially a commitment to quality products, exceptional service, competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

Our Contributions to Cutting Edge Technology and Scientific Community:


  • Karim, Hasanul, et al. "Feasibility study of thermal energy harvesting using lead free pyroelectrics." Smart Materials and Structures 25.5 (2016): 055022.
    “A SAW grade, Z-cut LNB wafer (7.62 cm diameter, 0.5 mm thickness) from Precision Micro-Optics LLC was used in the research.”
  • Karim, Hasanul, et al. "Pyro-electric energy harvesting with a high Curie temperature material LiNbO3." SPIE Smart Structures and Materials + Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2016.
    “SAW grade, Z-cut LNB wafer (7.62 cm diameter, 0.5 mm thickness) from Precision Micro-Optics LLC was used in the research.”
  • Young, N. G., et al. "Polarization field screening in thick (0001) InGaN/GaN single quantum well light-emitting diodes." Applied Physics Letters 108.6 (2016): 061105.
    “The patterned sapphire substrates and the trimethylindium metalorganic sources used for this study were provided by Precision Micro Optics and Sonata LLC, respectively.”


  • Chakraborty, Saonti, Nathaniel Nelson, and Daniel K. Schwartz. "Anisotropic molecular hopping at the solid–nematic interface." Soft matter 11.39 (2015): 7712-7716.
    “The fluorophore was added at a very low concentration (∼10 −10 M) directly to the 5CB melt (at ∼40 °C) and sandwiched between the two bounding surfaces of our TIRF cell – a 2′′ diameter sapphire wafer (Precision-Micro Optics, USA)”
  • Harris, David T., et al. "Low‚ÄźTemperature Control of Twins and Abnormal Grain Growth in BaTiO3." Journal of the American Ceramic Society 98.8 (2015): 2381-2387.
    “A- and r-sapphire wafers were purchased from Precision Micro-Optics.”
  • Mohanan, Ajay Achath, Rajendran Parthiban, and N. Ramakrishnan. "Alignment nature of ZnO nanowires grown on polished and nanoscale etched lithium niobate surface through self-seeding thermal evaporation method." Materials Research Bulletin 68 (2015): 35-41.
    “128° Y-cut X-propagating lithium niobate substrate samples of size 5 mm × 5 mm were diced out from a 4 inch wafer (Precision Micro-Optics LLC).”
  • Salazar-Serrano, Luis José, Alejandra Valencia, and Juan P. Torres. "Tunable beam displacer." Review of Scientific Instruments 86.3 (2015): 033109.
    “Some of the most popular manufacturers of beam displacers are Thorlabs, Altechna, Precision micro-optics and EKSMA.”
  • Taller, Daniel, et al. "On-chip surface acoustic wave lysis and ion-exchange nanomembrane detection of exosomal RNA for pancreatic cancer study and diagnosis." Lab on a Chip 15.7 (2015): 1656-1666.
    “Twenty pairs of titanium/aluminum interdigitated electrodes (Ti/Al 20 nm/200 nm) were patterned on a 127.68° yx-cut piezoelectric lithium niobate (LiNbO3) substrate (Precision Micro-Optics PWLN-431232) to form an electrode-width controlled (EWC) single phase unidirectional SAW transducer (SPUDT), which generates plane SAWs propagating in one direction only”
  • Wilcox, Daniel E., et al. "Ultrafast Charge-Transfer Dynamics at the Boron Subphthalocyanine Chloride/C60 Heterojunction: Comparison between Experiment and Theory." The journal of physical chemistry letters 6.3 (2015): 569-575.
    “Three types of samples were prepared on an ultrasmooth c-cut sapphire wafer (Precision Micro-Optics)…”


  • Brown, Jeremy A., et al. "Mass-spring matching layers for high-frequency ultrasound transducers: a new technique using vacuum deposition." IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control 61.11 (2014): 1911-1921.
    From Table I: “Material: 36 y-cut lithium niobate; Manufacturer: Precision Micro-Optics, Woburn, MA”
  • Harvey, Steven P., et al. "Heteroepitaxial growth of CZTS." 2014 IEEE 40th Photovoltaic Specialist Conference (PVSC). IEEE, 2014.
    “Al2O3(0001) (c-plane sapphire) substrates were investigated (Precision Micro-Optics, Woburn, MA). ”
  • Johnson, Michael J., and David B. Go. "Ferroelectric crystals for the low-voltage operation of surface dielectric barrier discharges." Applied Physics Letters 105.26 (2014): 264102.
    “…including polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF, amorphous; Piezotech), lithium niobate (LiNiO3, 001 orientation; Precision Micro-Optics), lithium tantalate (LiTaO3, 001 orientation; Precision Micro-Optics)…”
  • Johnson, Michael J., John Linczer, and David B. Go. "Thermally induced atmospheric pressure gas discharges using pyroelectric crystals." Plasma Sources Science and Technology 23.6 (2014): 065018.
    “In this work, a tungsten microneedle (MicroProbes for Life Sciences) with a tip radius of r 0 ≈ 1.5µm was used as a sharp counter electrode placed 1 mm from the +z face of a 1 mm thick LiNbO3 crystal (Precision Micro-Optics) by using a mechanical micropositioner.”
  • Wilcox, Daniel E., et al. "Heterodyne-detected and ultrafast time-resolved second-harmonic generation for sensitive measurements of charge transfer." Optics letters 39.14 (2014): 4274-4277.
    “Samples were prepared on an ultrasmooth c-cut sapphire wafer (Precision Micro-Optics LLC) with a 20 nm film of C 60 capped by 3 nm of boron SubPc.”


  • Baggetto, Loïc, et al. "Germanium as negative electrode material for sodium-ion batteries." Electrochemistry Communications 34 (2013): 41-44.
    “Thin film deposition was performed onto roughened Cu foils by DC magnetron sputtering of a N+ -doped Ge wafer (Precision Micro-Optics) in an Ar plasma at 30 W and 15 mTorr.”


  • Bachler, Brandon Richard. Coherent Raman Scattering: Methods Towards Imaging with High Sensitivity. Diss. The University of Michigan, 2012. (PhD)
    “Both pump and Stokes beams are sent through high quality Glan polarizers (Precision Micro Optics PGLP-04302) with polarization purity < 1 : 10−5 to achieve a high degree of linear polarization…”
  • Saikia, Meghna. "Miniature, high efficiency transducers for use in ultrasonic flow meters." (2013). (M.S.)
    “Lithium niobate wafers of diameter 100 mm and thickness 0.5 mm were purchased from two different vendors. The wafers from Crystal Technology, Inc., had one surface polished optically flat and the other surface was lapped. The wafers from Precision Micro Optics were polished on both sides.”
  • Snyder, Bradley William. "Hybrid integration and packaging of grating-coupled silicon photonics." (2013). (PhD)
    “I would also like to acknowledge Eblana Photonics, Chuxing Optical Fiber Application Technologies Ltd., Precision Micro-Optics LLC, and L.E.W. Techniques Ltd. for providing Fabry-Pérot lasers, angle-polished fibers, V-groove assemblies and ceramic substrates respectively…”
  • Wilcox, Daniel E. Chasing charge transfer in organic systems. Diss. University of Michigan, 2015. (PhD)
    “Three types of samples were prepared on an ultra-smooth c-cut sapphire wafer (Precision Micro-Optics LLC)”

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