We provide a variety of optical parts including optical prisms, windows, lenses, filters, etalons, beam splitters, mirrors, waveplates, glass tubes and many others. Each type of products covers a wide range of wavelengths, sizes and coatings. The right angle prisms in the picture could be as small as 0.50X0.50X0.50mm, which is very suitable for telecommunication and biomedical applications.


   Our highly experienced engineers provide modeling and automatic measurement services to make your work easier. We optimize your designs, analyze your problems, explore your design limits, and in particular, speed up your process. A successful modeling lays a solid foundation for your design. Our team provides these services in a cost-effective way to fit your budget and to facilitate your innovations.


  Precision Micro-Optics facilitates your technological innovations by quality products, exceptional service, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Precision Micro-Optics is an emerging company with world-class entrepreneurs backed by experienced engineers. We provide our customers a complete solution with superior products and excellent customized simulation and consulting services.

Product Features:

  • Miniature dimensions. 
  • Wide wavelength coverage from UV to mid-infrared
  • Special orders with custom specifications
  • Superior quality products for high power handling and laser application


Our Contributions to Cutting Edge Technology

and Scientific Community...

  We provide high quality Sapphire Wafers, Lithium Niobate Wafers, Lithium Tantalate Wafers, Silicon Wafers and Quartz Wafers. These wafers are widely used as superior window materials, frequency control components, semiconductor devices and other applications as well.


  We offer a variety of birefringent, nonlinear and laser crystals with features of high power damage threshold, wide wavelength range from UV to mid-infrared and customized size. The applications include new wavelength and polarized beam generations, electro-optical modulators, a beam separation and others. The crystals in the picture are yttrium orthovanadate (YVO4) which is ideal for a beam separation.


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