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Portable environmental gas monitoring module DOAS-4010UV



Product Features:

  • The module includes a fiber spectrometer, an optical gas cell, a light source (xenon lamp or deuterium lamp) etc., DOAS algorithm and PC etc.
  • High resolution.
  • Optional spectral range.
  • Optional light source.
  • Optional absorption length.
  • Excellent thermal and vibrating stability.
  • Easy to upgrade through modular design.
  • Easy to do assembly due to compact structure.


  • For measuring and analyzing gases having UV band absorption, such as environmental gas inspection, industrial process monitoring and CEMS etc.

Specifications :  

Parameters Specifications Remarks
Light Path 0.6m Optional upon request
Light Source Xenon lamp or deuterium lamp Optional upon request
Wavelength Range 190-380/190-480nm Optional upon request
Communication USB or RS232
Gas Connector Ø6mm
Material of Main Part Aluminium with coating
Power Supply DC12V/3A (spectrometer and xenon lamp)
DC12V/5A( computer)
Lamp Cooling Heatsink with a fan For deuterium lamp
Weight ~3Kg
Dimensions 222mmx10mmx55mm


Portable environmental gas monitoring module including a fiber spectrometer, an optical gas cell, a xenon lamp, DOAS algorithm and PC, DOAS-4010UV ($4320): 


Around 2-week lead time, Contact us for quantity pricing.

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