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The reflectance is the ratio of the amount of light that can be reflected on the surface of the object and the amount of light it receives, commonly expressed as percentages and decimals.



Use GLA600 fiber spectrometer to measure the absorption rate of the object. Firstly connect the light source and one end of the sample measurement frame with an optical fiber. Connect the other end to the GLA600 fiber spectrometer. Connect the GLA600 fiber spectrometer to the PC. Check the absorbance measurement mode in the software, turn on the light source, and collect the original Spectral (total radiant energy), and then placed in the measurement frame into the measurement sample, collected through the spectrum (through the object of the radiation energy), the software through the operation of the sample to obtain the absorption rate. Absorption rate measurements are shown above.



Radiation Measurement Uses: Used to measure mercury lamps, infrared drying lamps, tungsten lamps, xenon lamps, LEDs, lasers, and screens.

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