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Faraday Rotator Mirror

Product Description: 

Faraday Rotator Mirror (FRM) is a passive device rotating a signal's polarization by 90° and reflecting the signal back into the fiber. The epoxy-free optical path and miniature packaging offer low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss (PDL) and high temperature stability. An important application is for fiber based Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), an interferometric image technique providing cross-sectional views of the subsurface microstructure of biological tissue. An optical signal propagating in a single mode fiber experiences random state of polarization (SOP) changes due to birefringence induced by stress, vibration, or temperature fluctuation. As a result, the reflected beams won’t maintain the state of polarization, which makes interference impossible. The FRM automatically compensates for such SOP variations and eliminate the adverse effects. Besides the fiber interferometers, other applications include fiber laser systems and fiber sensors as well.



Product Features:

  • Miniature packaging
  • Low IL/TDL
  • High stability and reliability
  • Custom fiber and requirements are welcomed

Specifications :  

  Central Wavelength
1550 or 1310nm
  Insertion Loss
0.5 dB typical
  Return Loss
  Polarization Dependent Loss
  Faraday Rotation Angle @RT
90 Degrees
  Rotation Angle Tolerance
±1 Degree
  Operating Temperature
  -5 ~ 70 ºC
  Storage Temperature
  -40 ~ 85 ºC
 Ø5.5 × 35mm


SMF-28e single mode fiber faraday rotator mirror in stock, no connector, 900um loose tube protection. FFRM-150111221 ($150.0): 


Contact us for quantity pricing.


G657A1 single mode fiber faraday rotator mirror in stock, FC/UPC connector, 900um loose tube protection. FFRM-151611242 ($155.0): 


Contact us for quantity pricing.



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