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Xenon lamp XYM1010



Product Features:

  • Xenon light source with fiber coupling output.
  • Work in pulse mode with adjustable repetition.
  • Easily integrated with spectrometers and other devices.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Compact and cost effective.
  • Default fiber interface is SMA905, other fiber interfaces such as FC etc. are optional.


  • Environmental inspection: inspection of water quality and air pollution
  • Spectral analysis
  • Instrument lighting
  • R & D in science and technology

Specifications :  

Parameters Specifications Units
Wavelength Range 185-2500 nm
Lamp Power 10 W
Pulse Repetition Max 100 Hz
Trigger Input Resistance 330 Ω
Stability 2.5 %
Life Time 10^9 Times
Dimensions 110x71x43 mm
Operating Temperature 0-45 °C


Xenon lamp, XYM1010 ($790): 


Around 2-week lead time, Contact us for quantity pricing.

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