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White LED light source GL-LEDW



Product Features:

  • White light with fiber-coupled output.
  • Three operating modes: CW, pulse and external trigger.
  • Easily integrated with spectrometers and other devices.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Compact, versatile and cost effective.
  • Default fiber interface is SMA905, other fiber interfaces such as FC etc. are optional.


  • Instrument lighting
  • Spectral analysis
  • Material inspections
  • R & D in science and technology

Specifications :  

Items Specifications Units
Fiber Connector SMA905 or FC
Wavelength Range 410~700 nm
Output Power 0~2 mW
Output Stability 0.31 %
Output Stability 0~100 %
Power Supply DC5/0.6 V/A
Communication USB
Warm up Time 10 S
Cooling Mode Built-in TEC, with an outside heat sink
Dimensions 150x97x40 mm
Weight 470 g
Expected Lifetime 20,000 hrs


White LED light source, GL-LEDW ($550): 


Around 2-week lead time, Contact us for quantity pricing.

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