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UV-LED curing lamp GL-UVLA



Product Features:

  • Torch-shaped UV LED light curing lamp.
  • Nichia UV LED employed.
  • 0-100% adjustable UV light intensity.
  • UV light output with efficient coupling and stable output.
  • Convenient hand-held operation.
  • Efficient thermal design.
  • Three different switching modes.
  • Used as a universal UV light source.


  • UV curing
  • Instrument lighting
  • R & D in science and technology

Specifications :  

Items Specifications Units
Wavelength 365±5 nm
Working Distance 20 mm
Focusing Spot Ø5 mm
Switching Mode 1) By a button switch assembled on the UV LED body
2) By a timing switch on the power supply panel
3) Or by a foot controlled pedal.
Timer 1)1-30s,2) 1-30min, 3) CW
Expected Lifetime 20,000 hrs
Cooling Radial heat sinks on the UV LED light source’s body
Dimensions of the UV LED Light Source Body Ø28x140 mm
Dimensions 150x97x40 mm
Weight of the UV LED Light Source Body ~155 g


UV-LED curing lamp, GL-UVLA($1550): 


Around 2-week lead time, Contact us for quantity pricing.

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