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Raman spectrometer for DIY GL-PRS-785/532-M



Product Features:

  • 785/532nm excitation laser, high end light detector, grating spectroscopy.
  • 0.1nm FWHM.
  • Optical probe acquires Raman light of the substance with high coupling efficiency of the excitation laser.
  • Software has the functions of laser control, Raman spectroscopy, database management, background substance and log (recording the experiment content ) etc.
  • Non-contact Raman spectral measurement and analysis.
  • Excellent thermal and vibrating stability.
  • User friendly mechanical interface, electronic interface and software interface.
  • Easy to carry and use.


  • Poisons, dangerous goods, illicit drugs, biochemical analysis
  • Food, drug identification
  • Identification of jewelry/heritage: jewelry identification, artifacts or nature
  • DNA, human metabolites (blood, urine etc.) and cancer cells identification
  • Geology: field prospecting, mineral composition qualitative analysis and inclusion studies

Specifications :  

Parameters Specifications Remarks
Excitation Wavelength 785nm
Optional upon request
Raman Probe Laser Power 0-300 mw
Working Distance of Raman Probe ~4mm (Default) Optional upon request
Raman Spectrum 200~2800cm-1
Spectral Resolution 8cm-1@Hg912nm
Stray Light 0.31% @785nm
0.002% @850nm
Light Detector High end detector Cooled CMOS optional upon request
Pixel Number 2048
Pixel Size 8μmx200μm
SNR 300:1@1000.7cm-1Benzonitrile
400:1@1000.7cm-1 Benzonitrile
Cooled light detector
ADC Resolution 16 bits
Integration Time 1ms-15min
Power Supply DC12V/5A
Probe Fiber 1M armed
Dimensions 508mmx373mmx147mm
Weight ~3Kg
Operating Temperature 0~45℃
Storage Temperature -10~55℃

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