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Raman probe GL-RP-785



Product Features:

  • Raman probe GL-RP-785, can accommodate the different lasers (532nm, 785nm, 830nm and 1064nm) and their corresponding fiber spectrometers for fulfilling Raman spectroscopy measurement and analysis. The Raman probe can be used for solid,liquid and powder materials, featuring direct,non-contact,fast and accurate materials’ analysis. We are able to pro-vide customization upon request.

Specifications :  

Parameters Specifications Remarks
Excitation Wavelength 532nm, 785nm
Optional upon request
Working Distance of Raman Probe ~4mm (Default) Optional upon request
Raman Spectrum Depending on the filters
Laser Input Connector FC/PC
Raman Signal Output Connector SMA905
Filter for Rayleigh’s Scattering >OD6(depending on the filters)
Probe Fiber 1M armed
Operating Temperature 0~45℃
Storage Temperature -10~55℃


785nm Raman probe, GL-RP-785 ($3950): 


Around 4-week lead time, Contact us for quantity pricing.

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