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Product Description: 

Precision Micro-Optics offers miniature MEMS VOA (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems Variable Optical Attenuator). it is a micro-optic component designed for next generation, dynamically configurable optical networks. It is based on the Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) and electrostatic MEMS technology. The reflective mirror MEMS technology enables the creation of products with high attenuation levels and can be configured as bright or dark devices. When combined with the advanced packaging and manufacturing capabilities, this results in a new category of MEMS components that are designed to exceed specifications for performance, compactness, manufacturability and reliability. we provides a series of customized MEMS VOA products to meet different requirements on operating wavelength, attenuation type, drive voltage and fiber type


  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Low Polarization Dependent Loss
  • Compact Design
  • High Attenuation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Insensitive to Shock and Vibration
  • High Stability
  • High Reliability
  • Cost Effective


  • Power Control and Equalization
  • Receiver Protection
  • Fiber Optic Sensor
  • Test and Measurement
  • Instrumentation

Specifications :  

   Parameters Unit Min Typical Max
   Wavelength** nm 1530 1550 1570
   Response Time ((10-90% Optical Power) ms 3
   Driving Voltage V   6
   Power Consumption mw   2
   Insertion Loss dB   0.5 0.8
    Attenuation Range dB 30  
   Polarization Dependent Loss (SM, 0dB Attenuation) dB 0.1
    Polarization Dependent Loss (SM, 20dB Attenuation) dB 0.3
   WDL (0dB Attenuation)* dB     0.3
   WDL (20dB Attenuation)* dB 1.5
   Extinction Ratio (PM) dB 18
Power Handling W   0.3
Return Loss dB 45 55
Operation Temperature °C -5 75
Storage Temperature °C -40 85
   Fiber Type** NA SMF-28, PM1550 or others
   Package Dimension mm Ф5.6XL16.75(L)
    Attenuation Type mm Bright or Dark

*: At room temperature, exclude connectors
**: Other options are available upon on request

1550nm PM VOA, FC/APC connectors, bright type, 0~6.0V driving voltage, 900um loose tube protection, FVOA-150221223 ($168.0): : 


Contact us for quantity pricing.

1550nm SM VOA, FC/APC connectors, bright type, 0~6.0V driving voltage, 900um loose tube protection, FVOA-150121223 ($92.0): : 


Contact us for quantity pricing.

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