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NIR enhanced broad band light source GL-D2T-V02



Product Features:

  • A broad spectrum of 200nm to 2500nm (depending on the filter used) equalized with near-infrared light enhancement.
  • Combines with a CCD or CMOS spectrometer for wide dynamic range and broadband spectral analysis without saturating the detector, effectively improving signal-to-noise ratio of the near- infrared band.
  • Adjust the output intensity of two tungsten lamps using knobs and adjust the output intensity of the deuterium lamp using filters.


  • Instrument lighting
  • Chemical industry
  • Jewelry inspection
  • Optical coating inspection
  • Glass inspection
  • Auto dimming film inspection
  • Mobile phone mask inspection
  • R & D in science and technology

Specifications :  

Items Deuterium Lamp Tungsten Lamp
Wavelength Range 300-500nm depends on the filter used 400-2500nm depends on the filter used
Light Output Connector SMA905
Output Stability 0.16% 0.14%
Tungsten Lamps Adjustable Range 0-100%
Warm-up Time 20min
Lamp Power Anode: max75VDC/300mA,
Filament operation: 1VDC, 1.8A,
Filament warm-up: 2.5VDC, 4A
Lamp Lifetime 2000hrs
Current Drift ±0.05%/hr after 30min
Voltage Drift <0.5%
Color Temperature 3000K
Power Supply AC220V/ 0.6A
Dimensions 250mmx140mmx180mm
Weight ~3 Kg
Operating Temperature 0-45 °C


NIR enhanced broad band light source, GL-D2T-V02 ($1890): 


Around 2-week lead time, Contact us for quantity pricing.

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