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Terbium Gallium Garnet Based 980nm, 1030nm Fiber Optic broadband Circulator


  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Wideband Operation Operation
  • Low Polarization Dependent Loss for Polarization Independent Type
  • HIgh Extinction Ratio for Polarization Dependent Type
  • Flat Isolation, High Stability and High Reliability
  • Cost-efficient

Specifications :  

   Parameters Unit Min Typical Max
   Operation Wavelength for 980nm nm 920 980 1030
   Operation Wavelength for 1030nm nm 980 1030 1100
   Insertion Loss* dB   0.6 1.1
   Polarization Dependent Loss (SM) dB   0.05 0.2
   Wavelength Dependent Loss dB   0.25 0.5
   Isolation (Port2 -> Port1) dB 27 35  
   Isolation (Port3 -> Port2) dB 12    
   Extinction Ratio (PM) dB 18 25  
   Power Handling ** W     1
   Return Loss dB 50 55  
   Operation Temperature °C 5   65
   Storage Temperature °C -40   85
   Fiber Type** NA PM980 for PM, HI1060 for SM or others
   Package Dimension mm 87X32X32

*: At room temperature, central wavelength, exclude connectors
**: High power version and other options are available upon on request

Single mode HI1060 fiber, 1030nm broadband optical Circulator in stock, 900um loose tube protection, no connector, FBCI-1111113321 ($1250.0): : 


Contact us for quantity pricing.

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