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Terbium Gallium Garnet Based 980nm, 1030nm, 1060nm Fiber Optic broadband Isolator


  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Wideband Operation Operation
  • Low Polarization Dependent Loss for Polarization Independent Type
  • HIgh Extinction Ratio for Polarization Dependent Type
  • Flat Isolation, High Stability and High Reliability
  • Cost-efficient

Specifications :  

   Parameters Unit Min Typical Max
   Operation Wavelength for 980nm nm 920 980 1030
   Operation Wavelength for 1030nm nm 980 1030 1100
   Operation Wavelength for 1060nm nm 1000 1060 1100
   Insertion Loss* dB   0.6 1.0
   Polarization Dependent Loss (SM) dB   0.05 0.2
   Wavelength Dependent Loss dB   0.2 0.4
   Isolation dB 27 35  
   Extinction Ratio (PM) dB 18 25  
   Polarization Mode Dispersion (SM) ps     0.2
   Power Handling ** W     1
   Return Loss dB 50 55  
   Operation Temperature °C 5   65
   Storage Temperature °C -40   85
   Fiber Type** NA PM980 for PM, HI1060 for SM or others
   Package Dimension mm 74X32X31

*: At room temperature, central wavelength, exclude connectors
**: High power version and other options are available upon on request

Single mode HI1060 fiber, 1030nm broadband optical isolator in stock, 900um loose tube protection, no connector, FBIS-1111112321 ($1020.0): : 


Contact us for quantity pricing.

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