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2um Fused PM Fiber Couplers

Product Description: 

Fused couplers are ideal components to split or combine light signals between two fibers over a wide wavelength and temperature range. They are constructed by fusing and tapering two fibers together. The fused polarization maintaining couplers have low excess loss, low polarization dependent loss, low back reflection, high stability, high reliability high extinction ratio and compact size. Both 1X2 and 2X2 types are available.




Central Wavelength (nm)
1950, 2000, 2050 or other wavelength
Bandwidth (nm) ± 20
Insertion Loss (dB)
50/50 ≤ 3.7
20/80 ≤ 8.1/1.6
10/90  ≤ 11.6/0.9
5/95 ≤ 14.6/0.8
1/99 ≤ 22.5/0.7
Extinction Ratio (dB)    23 Typ, 18 Min
Excess Loss (dB)    0.30 Typ, 0.5 Max
Return Loss (dB)    > 50
Directivity (dB)    > 55
Operating Temperature (ºC)     -5  ~ 75
Dimensions (mm)     3(Φ)X60(L)
Fiber Type     PM 1550, PM 1950 or others


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