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2D Fiber Array

Product Description: 

Precision Micro-optics offers high quality 2D fiber array with glass or ceramics faceplate. These products feature high pitch accuracy, high reliability and low cost. We also provide customized designs for your specific applications.

                                         Figure: An example drawing of 5X16 2D fiber array


  • Matrix Array: M×N (M,N<30)
  • Arbitrary Pattern Arrangement
  • Core Pitch:250μm,500μm or Customer Specified
  • Faceplate: Glass or Ceramics
  • Tolerance:1μm(Glass Faceplate), 2μm(Ceramics Faceplate)
  • Fiber Type: SM/MM/PM


  • WSS
  • OXC
  • Collimator Arrays
  • MEMS Switch
  • Fiber optic sensor system


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