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1x4 monolithic single mode wideband coupler

Product Description: 

The Monolithic Single Mode fusion couplers feature compact size, very low insertion loss and polarization dependence, excellent environmental stability and loss uniformity. These couplers were designed for power splitting or combining of optical signals. They are widely used for optical modules and the fiber sensors, fiber testing instruments.


Central Wavelength (nm)
1310, 1550 or other wavelength
Bandwidth (nm) ± 40
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤ 7.1
Excess Loss (dB)    Typical less than 0.4
PDL (dB)     < 0.2
Uniformity (dB) ≤ 1.0
Return Loss (dB)    > 50
Directivity (dB)    > 55
Operating Temperature (ºC)   -40 ~ 85 for bare fiber; -20 ~ 75 for Loose tube 
Dimensions (mm)     3(Φ)X54(L) for bare fiber, 4(Φ)X60(L) for loose tube
Fiber Type     SMF-28


SMF-28 single mode fiber 1X4 1550nm coupler in stock, splitting ratio: 25/25/25/25, no connector, bare fiber. FWSC-150141121 ($68.0): 


Contact us for quantity pricing.


G657.A1 single mode fiber 1X4 1550nm coupler in stock, splitting ratio: 25/25/25/25, FC/PC connectors, 900um loose tube protection. FWSC-151641242 ($80.0): 


Contact us for quantity pricing.


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