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Germanium on Silicon

Product Description: 

Germanium on Silicon (GeOSi) is one of the available technologies to fabricate integrated circuits or other applications. For GeOSi wafers, a thin layer of Germanium is grown on top of Si substrate.


Material P-type or N-type Silicon
Diameter 100.0±0.2mm (4 inches) 150.0±0.3mm (6 inches)
Orientation   [100] 4° towards[110] ±0.5° or others
Thickness 525 ± 25um or others
Primary Flat Length 32.5±2.5mm
TTV ≤15µm ≤20µm
WARP ≤30µm ≤40µm
BOW ≤20µm ≤30µm
Flatness ≤12µm ≤15µm
Front Surface Epi-Polished (Ra< 0.3nm)
Back Surface Fine ground (0.4~1.4μm) or Fine-polished Ra<1.0nm
Edge Exclusion 2~3mm
Ge EPI-film
Thickness 0.1~2.0μm Germanium Epitaxy Layer
Surface Quality In accordance with SEMI M4-1296
Resistivity 0.1 ~ 100 ohm·cm
Film Thickness Tolerance ±10%2


4 Inch Un-doped Germanium on Silicon wafers in stock, Epi layer thickness: 1um, Resistivity: >30 ohm·cm, single side polished, PGOS-131112 ($1020.0): 


Silicon substrate thickness: 0.525mm, P type, [100] 4° towards[110] +/-0.5°, Resistivity: 1-20 Ohm.cm contact us for quantity pricing.


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